WE3 Wins a Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award | SPF:architects

WE3 Wins a Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award

We are excited to share that WE3 at Water's Edge was honored today at the 51st Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards, winning top billing in the Commercial Office Building and Headquarters category. The award ceremony, hosted by the Los Angeles Business Council, recognized more than 20 architectural and design projects, each oflauded for capturing the imagination, reenergizing public spaces, and adding striking new silhouettes to L.A.’s landscape.

The jury panel was comprised of industry experts in architecture, design, engineering, building development, and building owners.

“This year’s winners are visionaries inspired by our city’s unique landscape and history, who challenged us to re-think how people engage with buildings and spaces,” said Mary Leslie, president of the Los Angeles Business Council. “These awards recognize those contributions and how innovative design can honor the past and reimagine our future.”

This is the sixth award WE3 has received in 2021, and eighth overall.