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Orum Residence Featured in Numéro Magazine

The generous press coverage for the Orum Residence continues with a six-page spread in the April issue of French magazine Numéro.

Located on a Bel Air hilltop at the end of Orum Road, the 18,800 SF home is wrapped in four types of glass (reflective, translucent, opaque, and clear) and split into three levels: the ground floor provides communal spaces for gathering, the top floor is dedicated to the home's bedrooms, and the basement level is outfitted with auxiliary spaces, including a theatre, gym, guest rooms, and spa. Inspired by the shape of a three-winged propeller, each level is additionally divided into three distinct wings.

Completed last December, the Orum Residence has already been spotlighted in a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the LA Times, and Artravel.