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Orum Full Reveal

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Construction on Orum Residence, an 18,800 SF glass propeller in the sky, wrapped in December and we are excited to reveal an updated SPFA.com project page with new images (Matt Momberger) and fresh detail.

Located on a Bel Air hilltop at the end of Orum Road, the home is wrapped in four types of glass (reflective, translucent, opaque, and clear) and split into three levels: the ground floor provides communal spaces for gathering, the top floor is dedicated to the home's bedrooms, and the basement level is outfitted with auxiliary spaces, including a theatre, gym, guest rooms, and spa. Inspired by the shape of a three-winged propeller, each level is additionally divided into three distinct wings.

Orum took four years to construct; since completion, the home has already been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the LA Times.